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African Rotavirus Network

In 1998, the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised that the surveillance and diversity of rotavirus strains in Africa needed urgent attention. With a small research grant made available by the WHO the concept of the African Rotavirus Network (AfrRN) was born. The AfrRN is a regional network of institutions conducting research on paediatric diarrhoeal diseases in collaboration with the World Health Organisation African Regional Office (WHO AFRO), Ministries of Health and other partners.

Vision and Mission

The AfrRN also established the African Rotavirus Surveillance Network (AfrRSN) in 1999 to conduct research to facilitate evidence-based decision making on the introduction of rotavirus vaccines in the African region and to create a platform to study the impact of the rotavirus vaccine on diarrhoea post-introduction. The AfrRSN is a regional network of institutions and Ministries of Health conducting core surveillance on diarrhoeal diseases in children, which depends entirely on effective National Surveillance Programmes. The WHO AFRO (Congo, Brazzaville) currently coordinates the AfrRSN.

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